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Management consultant in Leadership and Team Development. Wife and mother of 5 grown children multiple cats and 3 horses. Avid rafter and love to teach leadership on the river. What are the results of a team based organization? Advertisements

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A Monster of a Problem: How to Help Lead

A Monster of a Problem: How to Help Leaders Be More Inspiring «

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Technology, Legislative & Regulations To

Technology, Legislative & Regulations Top Issues for CPAs

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Fixing Why Leaders Don’t Let Go of Decis

Fixing Why Leaders Don’t Let Go of Decisions « Leadership Freak via @Leadershipfreak

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Organization Survival Playbook: http://y

Organization Survival Playbook: via @youtube Helping Organizations Align, Survive & Thrive-COMING SOON

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The Terrible Management Technique ThatCo

The Terrible Management Technique ThatCost Microsoft ItsCreativity – Forbes (Lifecycles R more important than ever)

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